Hi Score Winners from 2009 Show Season

Blue Goose Stable, LLC

Congratulates each Hi Score winner from our shows of 2009

Introductory    Martin’s Gale     ridden by  Kelly Pollard            70.500%
Training Lv     Unforgetable HTF     ridden by Jocelyn Wiese        70.714%
First Lv         Contina            ridden by Michael Bragdel    65.278%
Third Lv        Gadeva     ridden by Melanie Montago        65.349%
FEI TOC     Gadeva     ridden by Melanie Montago        62.750%

Introductory    Martin’s Gale     ridden by Kelly Pollard        76.500%
Training Lv     Martin’s Gale    ridden by Kelly Pollard        65.217%
First Lv         Rampant    ridden by Colleen Gray        63.667%
Second Lv     Rapture        ridden by Rita Lowery        61.429%
Third Lv     Statesman’s Eclipse     ridden by Ange Bean    60.513%
Fourth Lv     Falko         ridden by Emily O’Neil        71.628%

Introductory    Liz Halvorsen    Amyr gold Nugget        69.500%
Training Lv    Rigoberto    ridden by Pam Thompson    69.600%
First Lv         Zephyr        ridden by Daryl Glazer        67.333%
Second Lv     Anthem to the Star’s     ridden by Joanne Nightengale    65.952%

Introductory    Jetts Pride    owned /ridden by Chelsea Sprague    68.500%
Training Lv     Orin     ridden by Suzette Bowen        68.261%
First Lv        Darius     owned /ridden by Ceci Ross         69.667%
Second Lv     Usjesier       owned /ridden by  Sandi  Issler     57.838%
Fouth Lv     Ignatius     owned /ridden by Jamie Reilley    64.419%
FEI TOC     Gusto    owned/ridden by Gail O’Neil        65.789%

July I
Training Lv     Diamante    ridden by Bonnie Olie        70.714%
First Lv         Siraj Amir Moniet     ridden by Pam Thompson    64.571%
Second Lv     Sichi Rocca    ridden by Sue Neilson        56.279%
Third Lv     Statesman’s Eclipse     ridden by Ange Bean    62.326%
Fourth Lv     Lord Luger     ridden by Danni Toscanno    64.091%
FEI TOC     Gusto        ridden by Gail O’Neil        64.737%

July II
Introductory    Jets Pride    owned/ridden by Chelsea Sprague     69.500%
Training Lv    Gaugin        ridden by Gail O’Neil         70.000%
First Lv        Rigoberto    ridden by Pam Thompson    70.333%
Second Lv    Isaac        ridden by Laura Vanderliet    60.000%
Third LV    Statesman’s Eclipse     ridden by Ange Bean    61.026%
Fourth Lv    Lord Luger     ridden by Danni Toscanno    65.455%

Introductory    Amyr Farrari    ridden by Katelyn Best    72.000%
Training Lv    Diamante     ridden by Bonnie Olie    67.826%
First Lv        Faria        owned/ridden by Jennifer Bryant  68.611%
Second Lv     Carisma     ridden by Danni Toscanno    69.189%
Third Lv        Statesman’s Eclipse    ridden by Ange Bean    61.628%
Fourth     Lv    Kestral        ridden by Colleen Gray        58.537%

Introductory    Ella         ridden by Anne Johnson        65.500%
Training Lv     Radar        ridden by Yesim Stoelker     76.071%
First Lv        Gaugin        ridden by Gail O’Neil        73.667%
Second Lv    Siraj Amir Moniet    ridden by Pam Thompson  61.316%
Fourth         Quazar         owner/ridden by Sharon Best     73.415%

Introductory   Ralph Lauren    ridden by Danni Toscanno     76.000%
Training Lv    Ralph Lauren    ridden by Danni Toscanno         76.522%
First Lv              Darius         owned/ ridden by Ceci Ross      71.429%
Second Lv      King Billy        ridden by Laura Vanderlite        60.714%
Third Lv         Oberon                  ridden by Laura Juniewicz    59.231%
Fourth Lv     Lord Luger        ridden by Danni Tocanno    63.636%
FEI TOC        Falko        ridden by Emily O’Neil        68.684%

Training Lv   Perennial     bred/owned/ridden by Nancy Winning    71.200%
First Lv            Hakuna Matata    owned/ ridden by Emily Walkup      72.667%
Second Lv    Leap          ridden by Alexy Posner                  59.737%
Introductory Lv   Ralph Lauren    ridden by Danni Toscanno    72.000%

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