Darcy Miller-Brown with Sir Gallahad


Darcy Miller with Sir Gallahad

  • DVCTA 2nd Level Champion
  • BLM 3rd in 1st Lv Championship
  • BLM 5th in 2nd Lv Championship
  • USDF All Breed Awards
  • American Hanoverian Society
    Ranked 20th at Second Lv.


Moose do exist

Darcy has never seen a real live Moose.  Although  Darcy visits her Grandma who lives in North Anson Maine on a beautiful lake where moose are seen quite often.  She has never had the pleasure of viewing these wonderful creatures.  Well this past summer Darcy visited the Big Horn Mts. of Wyoming where she finally had many an opportunity to see Moose.  Now she knows these creature actually do exist!

Proof Positive