Clinics and Seminars

Held at Blue Goose Stables, LLC

Contact: Darcy Miller 610-999-5231

Darcy is available for Clinics at your barn or at Blue Goose!!

Have a group that is interested in a Dressage Fix a Test?  

How about a cavaletti or grid work clinic? 

Darcy begins with the Basics of Natural Horsemanship which will help you to begin to solve many of the common problems people have with their horses.

Darcy is available!  Reserve your date.


Trail Rides

Do you need more confidence out on the trail?

Darcy can show you how!

  • Clients are taken on trail rides at Fair Hill, over 5,000 acres of beautiful country side!
  • Learn how to cross water, rivers and streams, bridges, mud.  Everything you can imagine on the trail.

Call Darcy for rates