DVCTA Harvestfest

Saturday, November 7th, 2020

Held at Blue Goose Stables, Cochranville, PA

Entries Open:  September 1, 2020          Entries Close: October 1, 2020

Please see prize list for complete rules, championship qualifications, special classes, trophies/awards, fees, and all other information. Please note, only mail-in entries are being accepted.

Important Changes for 2020

Are You Qualified???

For all Championship Classes you must be a current member of DVCTA and have earned required scores while a current member. Championship Qualifying dates: November 1, 2019— September 30, 2020

2020  —  Mail a separate check for the Championship class by the close date and still qualify at a sanctioned show by 10/17/2020.

DVCTA Championship Dressage | DVCTA Champion Combined Test Divisions | DVCTA Western Dressage Champion

For 2020 Qualifications
1. Show at one DVCTA sanctioned show
2. In one test at the level or levels of the Championship class(es) you are entering.
3. DVCTA membership required at time of score earned. Send Paper Entry by 10/1/2020.

Darcy Miller

CT Manager
Eliza Herman

Interested in sponsoring the 2020 Harvestfest?

Contact: Eliza at elizaherman1979@gmail.com