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    Blue Goose Stable, LLC Newsletter
    February 2012
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Blue Goose is sponsoring a second Rebecca Langwost Clinics at JustaPlain Farm. The clinic will be held February 17. For more information, go to our website on the clinic page.

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   The Western Dressage Clinic with Barb Long will be held on April 21, 22. Barb Long is a board member of the Western Dressage Association and is from North Carolina. See Darcy for all of the details. The two-day clinic will be held at Blue Goose and will be limited to ten participants. Day 1 will be theory and group lessons and Day 2 are private sessions - there has been a lot of interest expressed, be sure to register early!




 Would you like to earn Blue Goose Bucks which you can use toward lessons and show entry fees at Bluy Goose schooling shows?  See Darcy for volunteer opportunitites at all Blue Goose shows. (Volunteers also get really cool Blue Goose tee shirts!)

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January 2012 Ollie and Reuben
Ollie & Reuben - editors


The Stablemates 4-H Club held their first meeting on Wednesday, January 18. The response was terrific! The club will have 12 - 15 members ranging in age from 8 - 18.  Meetings will be held on the third Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in the main house on the farm. The next meeting will be on Wednesday, February 15th. In addition to the general meeting, nominations will be held for officers and books will be handed out. Each member is to be prepared to present a 1 - 2 minute talk or demonstration of the equine subject of their choice.


Darcy offered her vision for the club which is to offer learing experiences rather than using the club strictly as another horse show venue. Darcy believes that "the 4-H opportunities that build a more rounded educaton are the hippology, public speaking/demonstrations, and horse judging".


If you have a talent that you would like to share with our members, please contact Darcy.  We will be planning clinics, lectures and activities with leaders in our community.   


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The Snow Flake Series hosted by Blue Goose and Doreen Garland of Dunmovin' have been very well-attended.  The series continues at Dunmovin' on March 3 and at Blue Goose on Feb.18 and March 17. The End of Series Awards ceremony and pot luck dinner will be held on April 13th at Blue Goose.
For more information of the Snow Flake Series, go to the following websites:


Our team will be at the DVCTA Sunday School Gymnastics clinic with Anne Moos on the 19th and at the Carousel Seat and Position clinic on the 26th.  For more information  DVCTA

 Blue Goose Team
DVCTA Year-End Awards!


The team from Blue Goose had a great year! Congratulations to:


Mickey Blue Eyes, Owned by Dorrie

Ridden and Trained by Darcy Miller Brown

DVCTA Champion Professional 1st Level






Rebecca Wolfe on HS A.S. Hidalgo - DVCTA Adult Amateur Reserve Champion Training Level

 Jan 2012 newsletter

La Vie en Rose, Owned by Sue VanNorman

Ridden and trained by Darcy Miller Brown

DVCTA Training Level Professional Champion

USDF Horse of the Year, 28th Training Level

                                                  La Vie En rose

Amarose, Ridden and trained by Darcy Miller Brown

DVCTA Musical Free Style Champion 

DVCTA Reserve Champion 1st Level Professional


Student of the Month:
Vivian and Lark     Vivian
   Last month we high-lighted Stephanie Sinson who started riding at Blue Goose when she was 11 or 12 years old and is now a young career woman.
 The Student of the Month for February is a bit younger than Stephanie was when she started riding: Vivian is 8 years old, in the second grade and has been riding since she was 4. Two summers ago she went on a very cool western saddle trail ride in Santa Barbara, CA where they rode up the side of a mountain.
Vivian said she cannot remember her favorite part of her very first lesson with Darcy - the first lesson happened to be on the last day of school! But she does remember loving the hands-free "airplane" balancing exercise. She enjoys being on the farm and making new friends with the other riders, having the opportunity to watch a veterinarian treat a very sick horse and seeing a farrier at work. When asked what she liked best about how Darcy teaches and what part she does not like so much, she responded: "Darcy is always kind when she speaks to me. I feel confident when I am with her. Ahhhh! I can't answer the second part of this question; I just love my lessons and being at the barn!"
Vivian rides 'The One and Only Soapsuds'!!!' "He is the cutest and sweetest pony. I love him." Vivian and Soapsuds practice groundwork, tacking/grooming, walking, trotting, dressage saluting, riding circles and riding in the jumping position. They have participated in some of Darcy's  cavalette clinics, one of the Triangle Series hunter/jumper shows and two of the Snowflake Series dressage shows. Vivian and Soapsuds will be partners in the Stablemates 4-H Club and at the February meeting Vivian's talk will be on the correct way to pick a horse's hoof and the importance of healthy hooves.
In answer to the question "Is there anything about you that would surprise the other kids around the barn to learn about you?", Vivian said she loves to train her two pet parakeets (Fruit Cup & Pilot) to speak; her nickname is Tooty-Bird :) and her favorite food is soup - even on a hot day!
Just a few of Vivian's other interests include: dance, basketall, lacrosse (Go Kennett Blue Demons!), swimming, junior golf, volleyball, and playing with her twin brothers, little sister and friends. Next year in third grade she would like to learn to play the violin.
Lesson Horse of the Month:
(The One and Only) Soapsuds
Soapsuds and Vivian make a great pairing: both are 8 years old! Soadsuds, who came to Blue Goose from a farm in Maryland, is 13 hands, a gelding and a POA - Pony of the Americas.
The Pony of the Americas as a breed began in 1954 when Les Boomhower, a Shetland pony breeder, bought an Arabian/Appaloosa mare that had been acccidentally bred to a Shetland stallion. The resulting foal had a black pattern on his rump that looked like a black hand - causing Boomhower to name him 'Black Hand'. Boomhower and some of his friends who were also Shetland pony breeders were so impressed with the foal that they decided to form an organization they called POA to continue breeding this Appaloosa/ Arabian/Shetland cross.
The POA set strict guidlines for the physical appearance and attributes of the breed: the head shape should generally be that of an Arabian, the body should be muscular like a Quarter horse and the coloring should be that of an Appaloosa. The most defining characteristics are the Appaloosa-like coat pattern, mottled skin and bold and clearly defined vertical stripes on their hooves. A POA must also have white sclera in at least one eye. The sclera which is the visable part of the eye outside the iris is brown in most horses.
POAs have a gentle disposition, make excellent trail and endurance mounts, and are very intelligent. Soapsuds excells! Not only is he very cute and loves to be groomed but he is very spunky and a lot of fun doing groundwork. His intelligence shines: he quickly learned that part of groundwork training includes having a blue tarp dragged behind him and sometimes waved to make him 'bomb proof' - he turns and stands on the tarp so no one can shake it at him!

Vivian and Soapsuds   

Questions and or comments please feel tocall or email Darcy: 

Call:     610-999-5231

Darcy Miller-Brown
Blue Goose Stable, LLC

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