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    Blue Goose Stable, LLC Newsletter
    January 2012
                       It's a Happy New Year at Blue Goose!

Several of the folks around the barn have requested that Blue Goose have their own Quadrille Team.
The Demanding Duo thought it was a great idea. There will be an organizational meeting of all those who are interested on Sunday, January 22nd.



Blue Goose is sponsoring two Rebecca Langwost Clinics at JustaPlain Farm. The clinics will be held January 12 & 13 and again on February 9 & 10. For more information, go to our website.





   Love Dressage. . . but like to ride Western? Now you can have it all! Western Dressage is a newly recognized discipline and the Blue Goose Team is going to check it out at a Barb Long Clinic on April 21, 22. Barb Long is a board member of the Western Dressage Association and is from North Carolina. See Darcy for all of the details.




 Would you like to earn Blue Goose Bucks good to use toward lessons, and show entry fees at scooling shows?  See Darcy for volunteer opportunitites at all Blue Goose shows. (Volunteers also get really cool Blue Goose tee shirts!)

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2011 turned out to be quite a year: Darcy's son Allen and his friend Tyler withdrew from the University of Delaware after finishing their freshman year. In answer to the question, "And what is Plan B?" they applied to the University of Hawaii, were accepted - and their plane landed in Honolulu on January 6th around noon. Classes begin on the 9th. Allen is excited about the extensive Chinese and Asian studies program offered and Tyler was pleased to learn that the university offers a well-regarded theater program in addition to a degree in education. They have promised to skype the family from the beach (surrounded by their books, of course!)          
                                                 Allen and Tyler Jan 2012
                                                    Tyler & Allen


2011 also saw the arrival of what is now known as 'The Demanding Duo': Oliver and Reuben, a pair of red, long-hair mini dachshunds.In addition to their job of helping to lead horses to the pastures, they are part of the editorial team (along with Uncle Walter and cousin Eddie - the editor's pair of black, short-hair mini somewhat over-weight dachshunds).

January 2012 Ollie and Reuben
    Ollie & Reubs


2012 is promising to be as exciting a year!

Blue Goose will be host to the Stablemates 4-H Club.Started as an off-shoot of the Gum Tree 4-H Club in the late 70's/early 80's by Darcy's mother (aka the Editor) and another parent, the club was 'moth-balled' for a few years and then restarted by Russ Maxwell, Belinda Manchio and Darcy. After Darcy and Russ dropped out as leaders Belinda continued the club with the help of Deb Gebaurer. Their remaining members graduated this year and they decided to let the club go. Darcy met Deb by chance a few months ago and the discussion turned to rejuvinating Stablemates. With the blessing of the Chester County 4-H Club Association, Stablemates 4-H Club will once again be hosted at Blue Goose Stable with Darcy as leader. Darcy's vision for the club is to offer learing experiences rather than using it strictly as another horse show venue. The progress from the local 4-h show through regionals and on to the state show is important but will not be the main focus. Those shows will be attended only as members are qualified. Darcy believes that "the 4-H opportunities that build a more rounded educaton are the hippology, public speaking/demonstrations, and horse judging".

If you would like to become a member of Stablemates 4-H or have a talent that you would like to share with our members, please contact Darcy. The organizational meeting will be held on Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2012, 7:00 p.m. in the living room of the main house at Blue Goose. We will be planning clinics, lectures and activities with leaders in our community.  We will also be holding nominations for club officers. All young people between the ages of 8 and 18 are eligible and encouraged to join.





Join Team Blue Goose on Our Winter Travels:


Blue Goose and Doreen Garland of Dunmovin' are again hosting the Snow Flake Series of winter dressage schooling shows. New for 2012 is the Lead Line Class developed by Danielle Toscano of Pony Island Stable. This winter series is at Dunmovin' on Jan. 7; Feb. 4; and March 3 and at Blue Goose on Jan. 28; Feb. 18; and March 17.
For more information of the Snow Flake Series, go to the following websites:


Blue Goose will be going to two outside events:
January 14 at Springdell for the Combined Test trials.
January 29, an Ann Moss Gymnastic Clinic  at Laurel Hill Farm.
For more information on both of these events, link here to the DVCTA website:


 Blue Goose Team
Year-End Awards!


The team from Blue Goose had a great year! Congratulations to:


Sasha Walsh on Sir Chancellor -

     USDF All-Breeds Friesian Sport Horse Registry

     Training Level Adult Amateur Champion - 63.929%

                                                        January 2012 Chancellor

Rebecca Wolfe on HS A.S. Hidalgo -

    USDF All-Breeds Hungarian Horse Assoc. of  


    Training Level Adult Amateur Champion 64.554%

       Jan 2012 newsletter

La Vie en Rose, Owned by Sue VanNorman

     Ridden and trained by Darcy Miller Brown

     USDF All-'Breeds North American Thoroughbred 


     Training Level Open Champion - 72.500%

                                              La Vie En rose

MP Sir Gallahad, Owned by Julie kitze

       Ridden and trained by Darcy Miller Brown

     OVCYA Big Fall Show Intro Level Champion 

 January 2012 newsletter

Amarose, Ridden and trained by Darcy Miller Brown

     2011 BLM First Level MFS Champion 70.75%

     2011 BLM Second Level Senior Divl A - 4th - 


Lesson Horse of the Month:

 Celtic Maiden

     Queenie was the first pony to arrive on the farm. Darcy was four. In looking back over the years at all of the ponies and horses that have grazed our fields, hacked cross-country through neighboring woods, learned to get on trailers, to stand quietly tied to the trailers and perform in show rings, we are in awe of these animals who give so much of themselves for our pleasure. So, we have decided to honor one of the horses on the farm each month in the newsletter.


     The first to be so honored is Celtic Maiden. Known around the barn as Kelsey, this chestnut mare joined our lesson program in December. She is double registered in the AQHA and the Canadian Sport Horse Association. Not only does Kelsey have great movement (her lovely trot has lots of suspension!), but she is very smart. Some other horses have nice movement and some are very smart... but not many combine the best of both attributes.  Before coming to Blue Goose stable, Kelsey was shown at Second Level with an Adult Amateur rider. Well-schooled in lateral work, Kelsey is a great and fun-filled addition to our lesson program.

    Steph and Kelsey
Stephanie Sinson and Kelsey
Student of the Month:
Stephanie Sinson  

     Darcy began teacing the joys of equitation while still in high school and over the ensuing years we have had the pleasure of watching young riders grow and mature. Some stayed around the barnyard until other interests in high school proved more attractive than picking horses' feet and cleaning tack. A few others, however, never really left.

     One who has been around the barn since she was eleven is Stephanie Sinson. Steff came by with a few friends those many years ago just to see what 'it' was all about. Maybe it is the smell of fresh hay or the quiet contented sounds the horses make when standing in their stalls; or the satisfaction of discovering one day that you have mastered another new skill; or the comradery of like-minded people or experiencing the bond one can have with such wonderful creatures - maybe it is all of this and more. Whatever 'it' is, Steff was captured by it.

     Steff is one of the lucky ones: she combines her love of horses with her work as a veterinarian technician at Sports Medicine Associates. I asked Steff about one of her favorite memories associated with Blue Goose. She laughed and said her best memory was the trip that she and four other students took with Darcy to Connecticut to participate in the Northeast Junior-Young Rider Dressage Championships. The trip lasted for the better part of a week and in addition to their dressage and equitation tests, the students were judged on their turn-out: clean and proper equipment and attire; and knowledge. The trip up was something of an adventure in itself. . . ask Steff sometime about how they had traffic on the Blue Route tied-up! :)

     Her favorite horse was Winky -  troublesome at first but with persistence he became a great partner. Today Steff rides Rosie, Rio, Kelsey and Winnagan while she searches for her own 'perfect' horse.

Questions and or comments please feel tocall or email Darcy: 

Call:     610-999-5231

Darcy Miller-Brown
Blue Goose Stable, LLC


     Darcy instructing1


January Lesson Special

Take four lessons in January and get a 5th one free.
Offer Expires:January 31, 2012 
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