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Jersey Fresh
Darcy and the DVCTA Quadrille Team at Jersey Fresh
Blue Goose Stable 
June 2012 Newsletter
Clinics & Shows & Camps . . .
Oh my!
Be sure to read to the very end so you don't miss any of the up-coming events!!!

May 13th:

May 13th was a busy day!  The DVCTA Quadrille Team presented their 'Salute to 9/11' in the main arena at Jersey Fresh to the delight of everyone in the stands.

Jersey Fresh 2
The DVCTA Quadrille Team at Jersey Fresh

 AND, Darcy received the best Mother's Day present when she picked-up her son Allen and his friend Tyler at the Newark Airport - home for the summer from the U of Hawaii.


  Congratulations to Darcy on graduating Magna Cum Laude with a BS in Accounting and to Becky Wolfe for walking across the same stage for her Masters in Management!

Graduation - Darcy & Betty
Darcy & Betty, her 98 year-old grandmother who made the trip from Maine!

  Becky Langwost Clinics

 BGS will be sponsoring three Becky Langwost Clinics this summer on June 27 2pm - 8 pm and June 28 7 30 am - 12pm, as wellas July 25 2 pm to 8 pm and July 26 7 30 am to 12 pm. There will be a third clinic in August (date to be determined). Contact Darcy for all of the details.   Clinic Bio 


Good News!

We are currently having a second full-size dressage arena installed and hope to have it finished by mid-June. Hello to 'normal length' shows!



  Did you know???

BGS offers Western Dressage classes as well as Lead Line classes at our schooling shows?  



 BGS Services: 


Ship-in to School -riders and trainers can make arrangements with Darcy to school in the dressage ring and/or the jumping arena.


Accepting new students: Darcy is accepting new students at all levels and ages.


Boarding:BGS is currently full ! 


Blue Goose Bucks -The show season is upon us  and you can earn Blue Goose Bucks to use toward lessons and show entry fees at Blue Goose schooling shows!!  See Darcy for volunteer opportunitites at all Blue Goose shows. (Volunteers also get really cool Blue Goose tee shirts!




Spring Mud Pups

Ollie & Reuben:


aka 'The Demanding Duo'

Our Sponsors:




Stoltzfus Feed


Iron Spring Farm


Unionville Equine






LanChester Trailer


Rolling Stone Farm


Hy Hope Stable





Pony Island Stable


         Pony Island Stable





















































































 Becky Langwost Clinic



Good News

for everyone who shows at Blue Goose!











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Dressage at Blue Goose II

July  4, 2012

You won't want to miss the celebration!


Entries close June 8th. BGS will host a competitors' party and bar-b-que during the afternoon. All competitors and friends are invited!
Each entry recieves one ticket,  additional tickets are $10.00 each


The judges for the day are Debbie Rodriques, 'S', VA and Lisa Schmidt, 'R', NJ. Entries close on June 8th. To enter on-line, click this link:  Equestrian Entries

BGS Show Results


 Snowflake Series 
  For complete results, click this link:


Dressage @ Blue Goose I

May 16th was another very successful day of showing which ran from 8:00 in the morning until the early evening. Thank you to all who came and congratulations to the winners of their divisions and classes. For the complete results, click this link: BGS I Show Results.  Below are a few pictures from the day:
Rebecca Hart and Carlingfords Taldi
Rebecca Hart on Carlingford's Taldi - FEI Para Euqestrian Hi Score winner and Olympic hopeful!
Linda Tascione on Rubicon winning the Prix St. George














 Blue Goose Summer Camps!


Summer is upon us and camps are returning to Blue Goose in June.


     June 13 - 15: This camp will focus on Dressage and Stadium and will run from 9:00 - 1:00 each day. For more information and an entry form, click this link:

3-Day June Camp.


     August 13 - 17: This will be an Eventing Camp and will include Dressage, Cross-Country and Stadium.


     Be sure to see Darcy for all of the details. (And chat with Steph about her experiences at the Blue Goose camps when she was a young rider!)



Stablemates 4-H Club
The next meeting of the Stablemates 4-H Club will be held on Thursday, June 21st. The meeting will begin at 5:00 with their Grooming & Showmanship show followed by pizza at 6:30. At 7:00 Robert Croteau, who gave the demonstration on how to calculate the weight of a horse, will be present for another demonstration " The Digestive System with Trash" the trash can horse!
Student (and Lesson Horse)
of the Month:
    Dorrie Bettle and Mickey Blue Eyes first became acquainted with Blue Goose when they arrived approximately 11 years ago to be filmed as part of a Channel Six story on Nokota horses for prime time. Mickey is a 'spokeshorse' for the Nokota Horse Conservancy and has taken Dorrie with him when he travelled to Kentucky and Massachusetts and many local venues where he teaches people about this unusual breed.
      Mickey came into Dorrie's life when he was just a three year old. Together they explored the trails around Chatham and stepped things up a bit when they came to Blue Goose. They have participated in some eventing and currently are working in Dressage. Darcy rides Mickey in the A-rated Dressage shows. They travelled to NC at the end of March and Mickey earned his two qualifying scores for the BLM show in the fall.
      Mickey is a horse of many talents: not only does he do Dressage and enjoy a good gallop over fences once in a while, he is also an accomplished artist of some well-deserved repute (AKA 'Mickeyangelo'!). With Dorrie's background in art and Mickeyangelo's natural talent, they create some pretty fancy tee-shirts that are occassionally on sale at the shows at Blue Goose. Their art has been the subject of several newspaper articles.
 Mickey is also a trickster: in addition to handling a paint brush, he can wave a flag, count, bow, take the hat off your head and when you least suspect it, he will steal a kiss and then smile :)
      Dorrie's riding experience was slim indeed until she met Mickey: a year or two in the saddle as a child and again in her twenties. Then a long dry spell until in her forties she shared her life with her beloved Maudy mule, riding in western tack. It was when she was muleless and having no intention of getting another equine that she Mickey... and he insisted that she take him home with her.
Mickey BLM
Darcy riding Mickey at BLM
PF Branded
Mickey - 'branded' for the Pink Flamingo Horse Show
PF Tee Shirt
Original artwork by Mickeyangelo and Dorrie
Mickeyangelo's fame has spread far and wide

Questions and or comments please feel tocall or email Darcy: 

Call:     610-999-5231

Darcy Miller-Brown
Blue Goose Stable, LLC

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