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 Blue Goose Stable - March 2012 Newsletter

BGS Calendar for March

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BGS March Calendar






March 16 & April 13 - Rebecca Langwost Barlow Clinic. Holding the USDF Gold, Silver and Bronze medals, Rebecca is also a USDF-certified trainer to the 4th level. This is an opportunity not to be missed! Both clinics will be held at BGS.  


 April 21 & 22 -  Western Dressage  Clinic with Barb Long. Barb Long is a board member of the Western Dressage Association and is from North Carolina. The two-day clinic will be limited to ten participants. Day 1 will be theory and group lessons and Day 2 are private sessions  - there are only a few spots left - register asap if you are interested in participation!




BGS Services: 

Ship-in to School -riders and trainers can make arrangements with Darcy to school in the dressage ring and/or the jumping arena.


Accepting new students: Darcy is accepting new students at all levels and ages.


Boarding: BGS has 2 positions open for boarding. Call Darcy for details.


Blue Goose Bucks -can be used toward lessons and show entry fees at Blue Goose schooling shows!!  See Darcy for volunteer opportunitites at all Blue Goose shows. (Volunteers also get really cool Blue Goose tee shirts!



January 2012 Ollie and Reuben

Ollie & Reuben

The Demanding Duo



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     You should have been there! At the February meeting of The Stablemates 4-H Club that is.The members had been asked to come prepared to present a short talk on an equine subject of their choice. They out-did themselves. The young man among all of the young ladies had created a stunning poster displaying the different types of bedding and indicated the pros and cons of each type. One of the young ladies brought a grooming kit and explained how each tool was to be used and another taught how to actually groom a horse. (Ollie was not particularly impressed with the horse model...he could not decide if he should hide under Darcy's arm or growl). Show clothes are an important part of the horse show world and one young lady brought a Hunter and a Dressage outfit and explained the differences. Other great talks were on the correct way to clean a horse's feet, the parts of a bridle, how to hang a bridle in a figure-8 and leptospirosis in horses. Another great poster displayed and discussed suspensory injuries. Kudos to each and everyone!  

    Note: The next meeting will be on Wednesday, March 28th, @ 7:00 p.m. Robert Crouteau will present a discussion on body scoring and top line evaluation. Members will also be able to pursuade other club members to vote for them for an office through campaign speeches. Officers to be voted on are President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Historian, Games, Newsletter editor, and Writer of Thank You notes.

     The April meeting will be on the 18th. Dr. Mark Donaldson will present a talk on anatomy.

     And, the May meeting will be on the 23rd.


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BGS Important Show Info


Don't miss the end of the Snow Flake Series:


The Snow Flake Series hosted by Blue Goose and Doreen Garland of Dunmovin' has only one show left:  Blue Goose on March 17. The End of Series Awards ceremony and pot luck dinner will be held on April 13th at Blue Goose.
 For more information of the Snow Flake Series, go to the following websites:


Dressage @ Blue Goose I

The 1st USEF/USDF show of the season for BGS will be held on May 16, 2012. Entries opened March 5 and will close on April 20. Click here for the entry form:  Dressage at Blue Goose I Entry Form


April C/T Show at BGS:entries open March 19 and will close April 4. Click here for the entry form: CT Entry Form. Click here for the CT Prize List: CT Prize List.


Student (and Lesson Horse)
of the Month:
      Ellen Lafferty and Ari (Arabesque) bring an entirely different perspective to our riding 'teams' than either of our first two students of the month: Stephanie or Vivian - both of whom began riding as very young ladies.
     Ellen did not begin riding until she was 50 years old. Six years ago, Ellen was taking lessons at Barley Mill Stable. She saw Ari, fell in love with her and when Barley Mill dispersed their stock, Ellen purchased her. Ellen and Ari came to Blue Goose where they have been ever since. As an older beginning rider Ellen was a bit more timid than most riders who began riding as children. And Ari... liked her own space - at least 20' from everyone. However, with determination and Darcy's assistance, they have become quite a team - especially once Ari learned to back-up. Once that hurdle was overcome, Ari and Ellen both began growing and maturing into a pleasurable horse and an accomplished rider. Ellen plans on starting to jump this spring - a decision which will make Ari very happy!
  Ari is a 15 year old Anglo-Arab with a little 'varmint' mixed in. She also has a bit of ham in there too. Below is Ari decked out for the annual Pink Flamingo Show held every August at Blue Goose. They are already planning on their 'outfit' for this year's show!
Ellen and Ari Pink Flamingo Day 

Questions and or comments please feel tocall or email Darcy: 

Call:     610-999-5231

Darcy Miller-Brown
Blue Goose Stable, LLC

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