2022 Blue Goose Summer Schooling Show Series

Combined Training | Dressage | Western Dressage

2022 Prize Lists and Entry Forms

2022 Schooling Show Dates

DateJudgeEntries OpenReceived/Paid ByRides Times/Results
March 26, 2022Trisha Hessinger (L-PA)March 7, 2022March 20, 2022Jump Scores

April 9, 2022
Show Postponed
Karen Reilley (L*-PA)March 23, 2022April 3, 2022April 16th Results
May 8, 2022
Show Cancelled
Sherree Cushner (L*-NJ)April 9, 2022May 1, 2022
June 1, 2022Sherree Cushner (L*-NJ)Results
June 25, 2022Jenna Brown (L*-MD)June 1, 2022June 19, 2022Results
July 16, 2022Breann DiPietro (L-MD)June 27, 2022July 10, 2022Dressage Results

CT Results
August 7, 2022

Pink Flamingo Show

Aviva Nebesky (L*-MD)July 16, 2022July 31, 2022Results
September 3, 2022Kerri Allen (L*-NJ)August 8, 2022August 28, 2022Results
October 1, 2022

RESCHEDULED to October 8th & 9th
Susan Sinelink (r-NJ)September 4, 2022September 25, 2022Results
November 19, 2022
Blue Goose 2022 CT & Dressage Championship
Aviva Nebesky (L*-MD)Entries are closed.Entries are closed.CT Results

Dressage Results

*The shows listed above are sanctioned by the DVCTA and are part of their Schooling Show Year End Awards Program.

Thoroughbred Incentive Program

Thoroughbred Incentive Program

Click here for TIP Program information.

  • TIP awards will be offered at each Dressage and CT Series show.
  • TIP Series End awards will be given during the Series End banquet.

Blue Goose Schooling shows are registered for the RSSAP.

Please see the program rules and the USDF website for details!

Additional Information

Biosecurity Measures

Please note, Prix Caprilli tests will be offered at all schooling shows.

2021 Schooling Show Results

DateJudgeEntries OpenReceived/Paid ByRides Times/Results
Saturday, April 3, 2021Karen Reilley (L*-PA)Results
Sunday, April 18, 2021Phoebe Devoe (r-MD)April 4, 2021April 11, 2021Results
Saturday, May 1, 2021Jenna Brown (L*-MD)April 15, 2021April 25, 2021Dressage Results

CT Results
Saturday, June 26, 2021Sarah Duclose (L-PA)June 1, 2021June 20, 2021Results
Saturday, July 17, 2021Aviva Nebesky (L*-MD)June 28, 2021July 11, 2021Results
Saturday, August 7, 2021

Pink Flamingo Show

Karin Worm (L*-NJ)July 10, 2021August 1, 2021Dressage Results

CT Results
Saturday, September 11, 2021Kari Allen (L*-NJ)August 10, 2021September 5, 2021Results
Sunday, October 3, 2021Susan SinelinkSeptember 12, 2021September 26, 2021Results
Saturday, November 20, 2021Stephanie Burgess (L*-MD)November 1, 2021November 14, 2021Results